UK, London. In SuperyachtDesign Q19, we reported on some of the projects conceived by furniture design studio Gosling including its award winning yacht-inspired home cinema located in the basement of a listed Westminster building. Inspired by the project and a recent yacht commission, the studio has designed a superyacht-specific media centre.

Media Centre

“Furniture should be informed by the architecture and environment,” explains founder of the studio, Tim Gosling. “Designing for superyachts gives us incredible freedom and Gosling’s pioneering use of carbon fibre enables us to design and build extraordinary pieces. Our latest media centre provides innovative design with cutting edge technology with a fresh minimalist feel.”

Close up of the curved media desk

Designed by director Phil Sturdy, the media centre is not the studio’s first creation for the superyacht sector having previously collaborated with Palmer Johnson on a superyacht project and having produced a range of carbon fibre furniture branded Gosling Marine. Taking the knowledge and expertise Gosling has in combining carbon fibre with teak, it comes as no surprise that Sturdy’s latest creation features these two key materials within the furniture.   


“I have used the wood as an ornament rather than for it’s structure,” says Sturdy as he explains some of the features of the space, which includes a curved desk. “The strength of the desk is the use of carbon fibre, while the wood provides a natural tactile feel.” As the central feature of the media centre, the curved desk has integrated lighting underneath the central section, which can be used to place items such as an Apple iPad. Other features of the desk include integrated technologies such as charging, a wireless phone system, a media centre and microphone.

Render of the home cinema in Westminster

Using carbon fibre results in a lightweight desk that is durable and low maintenance, which are all aspects that Gosling has found popular with superyacht designers. It is a piece that works well within its media centre interior which offers curved lines throughout, echoing a seascape.


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