British-based fuel quality specialist, Fuelcare has brought its Marine Bunker Injection System to the superyacht market. The biocide injection system injects a microbial additive when fuel is bunkered, with fuel pressure driving a turbine to inject a precise, consistent stream to both prevent and cure microbial problems in hydrocarbon fuels, commonly known as ‘diesel bug’.

Although the product has been available for other applications for many years, this is the first time Fuelcare has brought it to the superyacht sector. Its first installation will be on board the recently launched Abeking & Rasmussen, Kibo and it has secured Lloyd’s Register class approval. contacted Fuelcare’s MD, Oliver Rumford-Warr who said that, to his knowledge, the system was the first of its kind for superyachts. “It is the first on board fuel treatment system backed up by proven additive injection technology from the aviation industry”, he explained. “Coupled with the benefits of Kathon FP 1.5 Biocide, yacht fuel can now remain free of the 'diesel bug' at all times, irrespective of bunkering location or existing storage practices.”

The system is 'fit & forget', requiring installation only. It then sits in the main bunkering line, and the pressure of fuel flow drives a turbine that injects biocide.

The effects of diesel bug are already widely known but Rumford-Warr only expects the problem to worsen as sulphur levels in fuel fall and the concentration of biodiesel rises. Damage can run into hundreds of thousands in severe cases.

Rumford-Warr says the company has already received “significant interest” from the superyacht community, and expects to make its second installation on board a 73m Turkish-built superyacht in the summer.

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