France, Cap d'Antibes. Described as being for ‘the person who has nearly everything’, the deluxe backgammon table from The Orange Line brings an element of luxurious fun to the superyacht and the millionaires play ground – provided you enjoy playing backgammon.

The deluxe backgammon set comes in a variety of different forms, for the home, for the yacht and bespoke. All versions of the table would be suitable on board a superyacht. The marine specific version is designed for outdoors and as such is heavy to eliminate movement when stationary or underway, made from robust marine grade — easy to clean — materials, with removable steel legs for storage during the off season.

Deluxe Backgammon Table: For Yacht

DuPont Corian forms the tabletop and the dice cups. DuPont Corian is a composite material made of one third acrylic resin and two-thirds minerals, largely a bauxite derivative. Developed for the first time in 1967 by du Pont de Nemours and Company (DuPont), Corian is an extremely versatile material; stain resistance, non-porosity, seamless joins, reparability, thermoformability (can be moulded with heat) and colour variations make it ideal for bespoke pieces. 

Deluxe Backgammon Table: Standard Version

The customary/standard colour for the table is the orange black and white; however, a bespoke service is offered on all tables. Using the range of colours available from the DuPont Corian colour chart, the table can be customised to suit all tastes and themes.

Beyond the colours The Orange Line also offer a variety of woods and metals for the gaming triangles, cups, counters and dice. The standard design is created to cater for Champagne and accompanying flutes, but the table can be adapted for any favourite drink and its glasses, as well as being alterable to suit any space.

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