While artistic inspiration might be more evident in the realm of soft furnishings and fabrics, inspiration for lighting fixtures can be just as varied and unique. Lighting can ultimately control the identity and feel of a space, creating subtle moods and ambience. The artist Yasemen Hussein tell us about the inspiration behind her collection of feather lights for Fameed Khalique.

I started a new body of work called 'hairpieces' when I was taking a blacksmithing course in Penland, a craft centre in North Carolina in the US after coming across a pile of copper electrical cable in a scrap yard. Illustrations by the 19th century English illustrator Aubrey Beardsley inspired me to create a piece around Marie Antoinette’s hairstyle. The last part of this hairpiece was the feather, and once I had made it I knew I had stumbled across something special.

After exhibiting at a few shows in Europe, I decided to group the feathers by hanging them on the wall, which lead me to discover the striking shadows they cast when they were lit internally. The feathers are all made of recycled electrical cable I buy from scrap yards each individual strand is heated, quenched and stretched. They are soldered together using plumbers solder and shaped by hand.

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