Prior to MY Exuma’s five-year circumnavigation, her owner decided to have an amphibious vehicle on board, in order to allow guests to explore the remotest locations with ease. During the build process, he and his captain, Adolfo Oria, met Milan-born engineer Maurizio Zanisi, director of ZAM S.A.S, who converted an Iveco Daily 4x4 into an amphibious prototype. This experimental vehicle was the basis on which Exuma’s amphibious tender was built. We ask Captain Oria about the design process.

Why was the IVECO Terramare model chosen for Exuma’s tender?

Exuma’s owner was resolute about carrying an amphibious vehicle on board and we couldn’t find anything reliable in the market. That is until I met Maurizio Zanisi, who in May 2008 crossed from Corsica to Viareggio in his first Terramare prototype.

What were the main challenges in converting the original IVECO Terramare model into finished product?

Zanisi’s first prototype was quite basic in comparison to Exuma’s one, which carries a much more powerful and sophisticated engine.

Were there any specific modifications made for use with the yacht?

Besides the ‘cosmetic’ requirements needed in a yacht’s tender, the Castoldi Jet had to be shortened to fit in the vehicle. The bucket allowing the reversing and directing of the jet was entirely Zanisi’s creation following my request.

We also added a bow thruster, lifting points to be able to crane it on board and designed the entire vehicle’s weight and dimensions to fit inside Exuma’s garage.

How did you find the whole design experience?

I only need to add that Maurizio Zanisi is a wonderful engineer and even better person! He was, and is, a privilege to work with and he far exceeded everyone’s expectations.


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