The Exposure X2 torch arrives in a suitably robust case, moulded to contain all the components. Aside from the torch there is also a belt holster in corduroy and a material wall holster with strips of Velcro pre-cut for mounting. The torch can be charged with either the mains charger or you can split the cable and charge from a USB port on a computer; handy for having the torch plugged in at a nav station ready to go. The charger magnetically attaches to the base of the torch and a wrist lanyard completes the kit.

Initially, when I picked the torch up, I thought the batteries had been forgotten as it is very light, however you still get a feeling of good construction with a machined aluminum body with a light parallel knurling around it that gives a good hand feel.  If you were on deck for a long watch with this torch on your belt you would not notice the weight.

The torch has two control buttons, one for the white light and one for the red light; both buttons are illuminated with their respective colour. For each colour a double click of their button brings the light on at a low level, further single clicks of the button cycles the light through low, medium and high.

Once on you can hold the button down for the white LED and dependent on how long you hold the button down for you can generate either a constant flash or a SOS code. If you press the button down on either colour you can get an instant light that progressively comes up from low to high and then goes out when you release the button.

Having the red LED in this torch is its best feature; when we tested the torch it was the feature we used the most. There is only one LED for the red as opposed to the two that do the white light but even this one LED provides a good brightness and with the torch on low it is perfect for close up work on charts or nav stations. The white light is intense and at high setting it was bright enough to reflect off the windex at the top of our rig, 83 metres up, and get the SOLAS tape reflecting on channel marks. For normal close range deck work you would only need the torch on low level and the battery life then is a good 13 hours.

There are a plethora of quality LED torches on the market now and to market a new product is tough. Exposure has come up trumps with the integrated red LED and the size and weight of their torch gives it an advantage over some of the competition. The one thing I would like to see is a solid wall mount with an integrated charger. I found that the soft wall mount was awkward and the charger did have a tendency to get pulled out.

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