The XS torch from Exposure is very much a personal torch used for close up work and or even as rescue beacon. The torch arrives in corduroy-type case with one battery plus a spare and a neck lanyard rather than a wrist lanyard.

The torch is designed to be hung around the neck and operated with one hand as a result the body has one half encased in a suitably grippy silicone finish and the moving section has a heavy knurled grip. Alternatively, you can also grip the silicone piece in your mouth and turn the knurled piece; this probably for hygiene reasons makes it very much a personal torch.

The light given off by the LED is not bright but that is not the point of the torch, the light has a good spread on it and is a crisp white light that is slightly diffused so when you have the torch hanging around your neck doing some close quarter chart work or repairing some equipment you do not get any glare back like you would with a larger and brighter torch.

So far we have been using the torch on board Aglaia for three months and the battery has yet to run down so the life span seems to be very good.

My only criticism of the torch is that I would like to see it weighted towards the lens, currently when the torch is hanging around your neck the hanging point is in the middle of the torch so it hangs horizontally which is no good if the work piece is below you. This is a small detail that is easily rectified with a rubber band.

To sum up the XS is a neat little torch that hangs around your neck with no discomfort and is available to provide a quick bit of light.

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