TURKEY, Istanbul. Eva, the new 11.6m Red Design project, was conceptualised for a superyacht project currently under construction in Turkey. The brief given by the owner was detailed for a boat of its size, but a minimalist appearance had to be adhered to throughout. The tender will be able to carry eight guests, have a wide-open transom, a day cabin and a top speed of 40 knots.

Generous deck spaces, seats and aft beds are central to the concept and provide ample space for guests to relax and enjoy extended voyages on board while cruising around shores and shallows. Her low draught makes her ideal for areas that the mothership cannot access. The day cabin sleeps two, has a bathroom and minimal galley.

One of the most challenging aspects for the design team was to maintain stylistic minimalism in relation to engineering complexity. “The hardest part was to design the wing-like sideboards that start aft and join the bow to the hull,” comments naval architect Faith Surekli. “It was a challenge, but we think it is what makes this boat look cool.”

Eva - Wing-like sideboards

Like many tenders that have gone before, a number of Eva’s features were inspired by the automotive industry, it is well accepted that tender exteriors owe much to the world of cars. However, it is the minutia of Eva’s deck surfaces that set her aside. A distinctly automotive theme pervades her minimalistic, sleek, spatially aware deck area highlighted by her sunken surfaces. Reminiscent of a luxury automobile central unit these sunken areas are a simple solution to counteract the effect of wave motion on tabled items.

Deck - Sunken surfaces

To reduce weight she will be constructed from hybrid carbon fibre, epoxy resin and high-density foam utilising sandwich-structured composite techniques. This method allows designers and shipyards to combine materials with different properties to create a single high performance material. Eva’s deck will be made of lightweight artificial teak.

Wide-open transom

Two 500hp engines allow for a top speed of 40 knots and pod drives can be added for increased fuel efficiency and comfort at low cruising speeds. 

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