I first came to know about the Energy Solutions (ES) Load Bank when I joined M/Y Blush during the build. Having sailed on a large variety of commercial and pleasure vessels, and having not seen this type of product before, I was naturally curious as to its practicality.

I had just come from a commercial vessel where we were overhauling four MTU 396 V12 generators – each of which was suffering badly from cylinder glazing and excess oil consumption. This was found to be primarily down to low load running, and I thought the Load Bank was a prudent investment.

Having now sailed with the product, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough. It couldn’t be easier to use. It’s just a matter of selecting whether you want it on the board or not, and all the rest is automatic. It works to keep your generator in a healthy load range at all times.

I’ve found the load bank to be a cost-effective and practical solution to counteracting the damage that can be caused by low-load running on generators, which can be common in the industry.

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