ENJO products are, in my opinion, a return to the good old days of a product having a long lifespan and being dependable without gimmicks and outrageous claims. It just does the job and does it well, so there’s hardly any chance that some media mogul can add some spin to enhance the performance, so to speak. 

No, ENJO just needs our support to create new customers because once you have the basic kit there is nothing else to add – well, except water, that is. Just water? Yep, I found it hard to believe that I could pull off not having to keep the customary brigade of chemicals taking up precious storage space, but I have been cleaning my busy galley with just the ENJO mitt and cloths since June this year. I have got away with just using a hygiene spray for the bin area. It is nerve-racking to use chemicals in a food prep area considering that I have gone to such trouble to source as much non-gmo [genetically modified] and pesticide-free food. The other thing is that there is less hassle and rinsing to remove residue than with the traditional cleaners. With ENJO I simply make my way around the galley wiping on and wiping off, thus allowing me to clean down and get on with the next task.

I found ENJO by accident, sitting abandoned in my rag draw on board a 35m Sunseeker Predator after the captain one day said the previous chef used to polish the stainless fridge doors with a green fluffy glove thing. Many chefs know that those stainless surfaces can be a pain when you have important stuff to do and owners love everything shiny, so I was grateful to the ENJO Yachting rep for visiting the boat to give me a proper demonstration on how to use the products. I was impressed and spent a couple of hundred euros on more products and convinced my chief stew to do the same for the interior.

Another major improvement is that my hands are in much better condition as the clove gives protection whilst wiping out fridges, grills and vents; I have often gotten nasty cuts but that’s in the past.

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