Ecoyachts, a company founded in 2008 by former crewmembers Alain Serrini and Captain Denise Fox, has launched a new range of natural yacht care products. Blueline is the first product line to be launched by the company, which was originally established as an advisory and consultative service for eco-conscious superyacht crew.

The products are based on completely natural ingredients and manufacturing processes but, the company insists, retain the same levels of efficiency, regulatory compliance and overall quality as conventional cleaning products.
The range currently consists of two products, with more on the way. The launch products are the DECK All Purpose Cleaner and the TEAK One Component Cleaner and Brightener.

DECK All Purpose Cleaner is a wash down soap that complies with the requirements of Special Protected Sea Areas, such as Croatia and Sardinia. The cleaner can be used on painted surfaces, fiberglass, teak, varnished surfaces, glass and plastic. As a cleaning product it possesses antiseptic properties and can act as a degreaser if used in concentrated form. Diluted, one litre makes up 85 litres of ready to use product.

The effects of DECK All Purpose Cleaner on a hull.

Ecoyachts claims that the TEAK One Component Cleaner and Brightener not only cleans teak surfaces but ‘nourishes’ them. Essential oils provide a ‘non-aggressive brightening effect’. Its hydrophobic properties protect decking from moisture damage and prevents slipping.

Serrini feels the launch of the range is indicative of a growing trend towards eco-consciousness on board superyachts: “We don’t think we need further motivation to care for our marine environment, which provides us with our home and a lifestyle we enjoy. If we want our profession to continue for future generations we need to shift towards smarter and more natural cleaning solutions that do not affect our endangered oceans.”

Both products are currently being approved by the coastguards of Italy and Turkey are IMO compliant for use in Marine Protected Areas. Ecoyachts is currently working on extending the range to include more products.

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