Doyle Sails has launched Stratis ICE, an innovative UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethelene) fibre. Developed by the Doyle Stratis team, it was created to meet a perceived market demand for a creep free and durable sail membrane.

Stratis ICE, part of the Doyle’s Stratis sail range, offers weight savings, performance gains and high durability levels for both performance and cruising sails.

The product exhibits similar properties to high modulus carbon, and is a derivative of Spectra. It has undergone beta testing on more than 100 yachts since development, including the 37m Wally 107, Kenora, delivering ‘outstanding’ results. ICE is now being put onto yachts including 37m Moonbird by Fitzroy Yachts/Dubois and Bakewell-White’s Wired.

“We are really excited to launch a sail fibre that is significantly lighter than other fibre options but with the same durability and performance levels,” said Chris McMaster, managing director of Doyle Sails NZ.

“The Doyle team has been working on this product for some time and we are very proud that we have achieved the perfect level of performance with ICE.”

Bakewell-White’s 52 Wired with ICE (credit Gareth Cooke)

Specific benefits of the product include its modulus comparable to standard modulus carbon fibre. On a weight-for-weight basis it is said to be higher than almost all other UHMWPE and aramid fibres and will retain modulus even after extended mechanical fatigue.
Due to the fibre construction and unique manufacturing process of Stratis, ICE fibre is laid with zero crimp, meaning that the 'apparent modulus' of the fibre is 10 to 15 per cent higher than standard modulus carbon.

ICE exhibits similar properties to high modulus carbon

ICE is exclusively available via the Doyle global network of lofts and exclusively licenced to Doyle for marine use.

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