Conidia Bioscience has launched FUELSTAT® resinae PLUS, an on-site fuel testing kit for the presence of diesel bug contamination. The product will be marketed to the superyacht industry by Global Services.

Diesel Bug is the colloquial term for the microbial contamination of engine fuel, caused by the growth of bacterial colonies within fuel deposits of unclean engines and fuel filters. Mild cases can result in corrosion and wearing of components. Severe cases can cause the ‘decomposition’ of an engine.

According to Conidia ‘regular fuel testing is the only way we can identify a microbial problem.’ The company promises that its fuel testing kit will deliver accurate results within 10 minutes and requires no specialist skills to undertake.

‘Fuelstat is the most simple to use test available, using the same technology as a pregnancy test. No special skills are required to use the test, and there is no investment needed for a reader to translate the results.’

Corrosion tank damage.

Admittedly, the testing kit does deliver impressively prompt results – far more instantaneous than existing alternatives, which have required days before results are visible.

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