, a 43m all-aluminium SF40 superyacht is the striking result of a collaboration between Luca Vallebona and Mondomarine Engineering. Rethinking industry standards and playing with tried and tested layouts, she is a triumph of original design. The Superyacht Owner spoke to Vallebona to find out more.

TSO: What is new about
Serenity’s interior and exterior volume and layout?

LV: The whole concept is new, particularly the front of the boat. People are so accustomed to standard layouts, that the first time they climb onboard Serenity, they risk being disorientated. Some were even disorientated from looking at the drawings! The half decks, the split-levels of the owner’s cabin and the passages for crew and guests are some of the most innovative elements of the SF40 layout.

TSO: Why do you think that most yachts do not break away from the traditional layout principles?

LV: Normally we find the master cabin forward on the main deck which greatly influences the rest of the layout and consequently, the external lines. I’m not saying that this is a mistake, but I feel like we can all do better. There are a lot of concepts out there, but clients are generally forced into buying a yacht that has the same design plans as it might have had 20 years ago. Yachts have definitely progressed a lot in terms of style or technology but we need to think more about spaces and organisation on board.

TSO: Where did the inspiration for the exterior profile come from?

LV: The first request that I received from the client and SF Yachts was to create a special but commercial profile, something capable of staying in the market and of being sold in a small semi-custom series production. The lines often come unconsciously, one little movement can suddenly bring everything together and feel right. Sometimes, I think that my island – Sardinia – and its wild landscape made of rocks, Mediterranean scrub, sun and astonishing light are reflected in my lines.

TSO: Did you have a brief from the client?

LV: Yes. He saw an existing concept for another potential customer and asked for a few changes and bigger dimensions. The process was very fast. The original concept was for a 37m yacht, so the increased size was advantageous.

TSO: What is the most unique element of Serenity? 

LV: I think that it is freedom. Thanks to the shipyard, the dealer and the owner, I was able to create something new without limits and with great trust.

TSO: What will her interior design look like? 

LV: The interiors were done in collaboration with the owner’s wife. We found a great balance; I concentrated on the spaces and on the general architecture, while she made decisions about materials, furniture and layout. We sketched 3D views in harmony with the owner.
TSO: What are the key materials and themes?

LV: The interiors are characterised by a wide range of marble and onyx and two principal woods and leathers for the finishing of the bulkheads, elevations and ceilings panels. Everything is very clean and linear with some Middle Eastern elements to reflect the owner’s heritage.

Serenity will be on display at the Monaco Yacht Show 2015.

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