New to 2015, Deep Blue Software has released version V2.2 of its yacht management software. Now installed on board 73 superyachts and employed by six management companies, Deep Blue Software has added three new features to bolster and improve the current system. Additional modules on the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC2006/2-13), maintenance and logbook are now present.

Originally launched in 2013 following two years of research and development, Deep Blue was designed by mariners using a KIS approach (keep it simple), a maxim that is reflected in the intuitive user interface. The application enables direct 24/7 communications between vessels, management companies and owners, as well as seeking to limit the proliferation of administrative tasks on board, for both crew and captain.

Each crewmember has to access the Deep Blue server using an individual user name and password. Within the MLC module they are able to check on board working schedules, declare their working hours and hours of rest and make leave enquiries. Captains or appointed managers are able to adjust working and rest schedules to ensure MLC compliance. Private vessels that are not subject to the MLC can still adopt the module and adapt it to suit on board procedures. Deep Blue also facilitates the crediting of crew wages and payroll generation.

Deep Blue application list

The new Maintenance and Logbook modules allow chief engineers to build and follow customisable plans that ensure checks and balances off all mechanical and electrical components are kept. Criteria such as hours of use, specific dates and more are available in the logbook to automatically alert the engineering team when checks and services are required.

MLC Module

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