UK, London. Curve is a handcrafted dining set from Posh Trading Company’s homeware range. spoke to Curve’s designer Sarah Ward about her inspiration, design process and the superyacht industry. Consisting of ten dining chairs and a heavily set table, the product is what Ward describes as “custom with a plan”.

“I was at the Maison d’Objet trade fair in Paris about four years ago,” starts Ward. “There was an upholsterer selling his wares and he had a sofa at various stages of the [construction] process. From the timber frame, to the padding, to the fabric, to the studding – and I imagined what it would look like sliced into pieces.”

Curve dining set

The object that sparked Ward’s fascination was a shaped back sofa, of the sort you would expect in a lounge or salon, “and I thought, what a fantastic idea for a dinning room,” she continues. The remnants of her inspiration are plain to see, but transfigured, reimagined – and in a move that would please Damien Hirst – cross-sectioned.

“I don’t have experience with the superyacht industry,” Ward admits. “Obviously I would love to, wouldn’t we all!” A lack of direct experience has not hindered the disposition to design with a ‘prepared for anything approach’. Previous involvement with the specifications of a boat destined for the Seychelles has left Ward with knowledge of the marine environment and the challenges it poses for furniture.

The Curve dining set has been considered with versatility in mind. “That is the way we designed it, and I understand the need for materials to suit their environment,” explains ward.

Ward describes Curve as being “custom with a plan”. The furniture is bespoke in so much as a wide variety of materials are at Posh Trading Company’s disposal, from the woods to the veneers to the fabric. However, in order to maintain the impact of the curve there needs to be a certain dimensions maintained. “We have a standard size that we design to, we can make it slightly smaller than standard, or we can make it much bigger such as for a banqueting situation.”

Curve Dining Set

Knowing the limitations of your design and ensuring that you do not compromise on quality as you see it is important in the world of design. Although the sizing of this furniture does provide such a limitation, the Curve dining set would look beautiful in any environment with the right dimensions to accommodate it.

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