Name of product or service:
Complete Marine Freight, a shipping and freight service

How did you hear about the service?
Word of mouth through other captains and friends in the industry. I have known the founder and his previous logistics company for many years now. He was recommended to me by colleagues and has looked after us on various projects up to now.

Is the service easy to use?
Complete Marine Freight is a freight forwarder by definition, which means it handles every aspect of any transport movement including customs, the packing up of your goods and the actually delivery – whether it is by air, sea, road or express courier – a favourite of ours as we are always having to send packages off last minute. It also handles the shipment of boats, so is very useful for shipping our 52ft tender around the world.  

Do you have any recommendations for service improvements?
Not particularly. Pricing is always fair and if we have any issues they are communicated rapidly and solutions are given.

Would you recommend the service to your industry colleagues?
Yes, I would be happy to recommend Complete Marine Freight to any yacht skipper or crew.