Cobham Life Support is set to launch its new maritime safety system, Survivor+, which combines a SOLAS-approved lifejacket and a personal raft. The system, which combines the two safety devices in a conventional vest, has been developed from person-mounted systems for pilots and naval deck crews.

Survivor+ is likely to be most relevant to crewmembers on board sailing yachts, and racers in particular. According to Cobham Life Support’s engineering research manager, Don Blackman, “Survivor+ is designed to address key factors during vessel or platform evacuation and Man Overboard scenarios, where death through drowning or hypothermia is all too common.

“Freezing sea and air temperatures, disorientation, panic and high sea states can overcome a victim quickly, even when wearing a traditional lifejacket or immersion suit. With Survivor+ victims can get out of the water and into the safety of their own automatically deployed life raft quickly and easily, staying protected from the elements until they are rescued”, Blackman added.

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