Environmental Air Solutions is a natural product that inhibits the growth of mould and bacteria and has been recognised as an important product in the superyacht industry because of its inherent environmental factors. Founded by Neil Jonsen, the product was invented as a reaction to his 10-month-old son falling extremely unwell from the effects of mould and bacteria in the air-conditioning system.

Jonsen, a qualified air conditioning technician, recalls his ‘light-bulb’ moment for the product came a few months after his son got out of hospital. “I was driving home from work and for some reason I took particular notice of all of the black dirt on my face, skin & clothing, which is not uncommon in my profession,” he explains. “I had nothing to lose so I swab tested myself & the next morning sent it to a micro biologist for testing.”

The results came back and showed that the levels of all bacteria’s and fungi (particularly Aspergillus Niger, which is black mould) that were tested were so excessively high the readings all peaked out at greater than one million-two hundred-and-fifty thousand colony forming units. The average acceptable limits for these bacteria’s and fungi are less than 500 colony-forming units.

“It transpired that I was the cause of my sons illness as I was cross contaminating him on a daily basis,” Jonsen continues. “So I went straight into reactive mode and immediately bought products that claimed to kill 99.99 per cent of mould and bacteria. It soon became clear that these products were doing more harm than good as they were full of really bad chemicals. I needed a product that ensured that my family were all living in a healthy home and breathing the highest level of indoor air quality.”

After six years of research and studying the conditions that allow mould and bacteria to grow and survive – moisture, food and optimum growth temperatures – it soon became clear to Jonsen that the base he needed was Tea Tree Oil. In 2012, the result was a product that incorporates Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil as its active ingredient and is available in two forms: an evaporative product and a liquid spray.

These products have been recognised as effective for the superyacht industry. “The importance of using Environmental Air Solutions on board yacht is very similar to that of an island based resort or hotel,” explains Jonsen. “Any resort or hotel that is located on an island is always going to have greater mould problems than those on the main land – the obvious reason being is that they are surrounded by water and water being moisture, which is one of the essential items mould needs to grow and survive.

“In the superyacht industry it is no different. The product protects the yachts interior which is a major investment to any owner. As soon as the evaporation process begins, it immediately starts to kill, which then prevents the growth of mould and bacteria. It provides an assurance to the owners that they, their families and guests, along with the yacht’s crew are always breathing the highest indoor air quality.”

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