To mark the 90th year of the Bang & Olufsen (B&O), the audio and visual specialist has reworked six of its most iconic contemporary designs using rose golden aluminium and walnut.

The BeoLab 18 speaker — inspired by the BeoLab 8000 winner of the International CES Best of Innovation 2014 award for ‘High Performance Home Audio/Video’ (a review of CES 2015 features in SuperyachtDesign, Issue 23) — is a wireless speaker that casts its sound evenly throughout a room using its 180-degree horizontal arc. The special edition BeoLab 18 has a rose golden aluminium cabinet and acoustic lens on the top, a walnut lamella front and a black cast iron floor base.

BeoLab 18

Designed and crafted like a piece of furniture the BeoPlay A9 serves as a feature as well as a highly functional music system. The BeoPlay A9 is a one-point music system that connects wirelessly to any digital music source from all major devices (mobile, desktop or tablet). Built in access to Spotify Connect, Deezer amd Tunein also gives you access to their prolific music libraries. The special edition comes with a black rear casing, a rose golden aluminium ring, an iron-grey front cloth and crafted walnut legs. Both editions can be mounted onto a wall.

BeoPlay A9

The BeoVision 11 is an elegantly designed smart television. BeoVision’s LED-based display adapts to a rooms lighting conditions to ensure that contrast and definition remain consistent even when in sunlit conditions. Pixels tweak, twist and trim according to sensory data. The special edition comes with a rose golden aluminium frame, an iron-grey fabric front and is finished with a black rear cabinet.

BeoVision 11

Crafted from a single, extruded piece of aluminium the BeoReomte One has a weighted ergonomic design and provides functional, intuitive access to the B&O interface. MyButtons give one-touch access to your favourite TV channels, custom setups and Internet and radio channels.


Made from aluminium and leather the BeoPlay H6 headphones aim to deliver a sense of ‘everyday luxury’. The material selection also lends itself nicely to authentic ageing. Wear and tear creates a brushed-metal and soft, distressed leather look. The H6 offers a balanced sound performance with a focus on a clear midrange.

Read the latest news on audio and visual developments and considerations when designing a new project in the latest issue of SuperyachtDesign, Issue 23 out this month.

Bang & Olufsen's Creative Director, Johannes Torpe, will present a keynote session as this year's SuperyachtDESIGN Week. To view the full programme click here!

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