With the expectation for instant communication, regardless of location, continuing to grow, the Microwave Vision Group (MVG) has released information about its most recent communications technology. Neptulink by MVG provides high-speed Internet access to vessels within coastal areas.

The NeptuLink is an additional modem that provides access to a 4G-network provider such as Vodaphone, Orange and so on. Like a 4G USB stick, users are able to connect to the Internet via the Ethernet link of the modem, this Ethernet link can in turn be connected to a Wi-Fi router and shared throughout all personnel on board the superyacht.

You can use the SIM card from your current 4G smartphone or a second SIM card connected to the same tariff to access the internet. Due to the use of pre-established network tariffs, costs incurred do not differ from the usual costs of 4G mobile access.

The NeptuLink connects to LTE networks allowing 10mb/s communications speeds for distances in excess of 10nm and up to and including 20 nautical miles. In areas where an LTE connection is not available the NeptuLink will also connect to less advanced technologies (UMTS and GSM).

Designed specifically for the maritime environment, the terminals are resilient to humidity, sea salt and spray. Furthermore, MVG has also taken into consideration the unique characteristics of wave propagation above sea level. When unaccounted for the signal reflected off the surface of the water can cause signal fading and diminished communication. To avoid this phenomenon, two vertically polarized antennas are placed at the terminal end to minimise signal fading.

Lastly, because the vessel may be subject to pitching and rolling motions, the antenna’s radiation pattern needed to be optimised. The antennas are therefore omnidirectional across the azimuthal plane.

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