PORTUGAL, Porto. New to bespoke furniture brand Brabbu’s product line for 2015 are the KOI console, NAU sofa and SEQUOIA side table. Building on established collections, these new items are made to complement existing pieces or to work as eye-catching stand-alone furniture.

Revered in Japanese culture, the koi carp swims against the current, has influenced numerous traditional arts and remains a symbol of luck, love, prosperity, perseverance and strength. The koi carps various colour mutations highlight its versatility and it’s this ability to adapt that Brabbu believes is represented in its KOI console.

During the construction process each scale-like brass panel of the console is flamed, brushed and aged to produce individual scales. “Individual versions of the same item are a given a raw touch, connecting it to the rawness of nature,” explains Sara Lança, brand and design manager at Brabbu. “The KOI dining table has the contemporary look that yacht interior designers are looking for.”

Nau sofa

Engaging with the nautical world, the NAU sofa is inspired by the twin sails of the first ships that crossed the Atlantic. A far cry from the tumultuous journeys of those pioneering mariners, the NAU sofa’s velvet upholstery appears warm and welcoming but within its colour and wavelike form lies the ‘adventure’ as described by Braddu. On board a superyacht no doubt it would make you feel glad you are not on an uncomfortable antique voyage.

Sequoia console

The SEQUOIA side table, available in a large and small version, represents the longevity of the world’s tallest and most impressive trees. The different cross section table top veneers highlight the passage of time, enriched all the while by the age patinated brass bark that surrounds them. The combination of wooden texture and contemporary materials creates an attractively stark antithesis.

“Brabbu is a bespoke furniture brand, which means that we produce custom made furniture. Our pieces are unique, as each piece can be designed and produce accordingly to the client needs, and we know that this is important for someone looking for furniture with the perfect measurements for a yacht interior,” concludes Lança.

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