Severe weather specialist, Baron Services, Huntsville, Alabama, has released the Velocity Weather API, a system capable of streaming global and local data into smart phone and tablet apps. It is designed to warn users of severe weather systems including hurricane tracks, wave direction and period, surface winds and high resolution sea surface temperature.

Velocity Weather API is developed for marine industry manufacturers and software developers seeking to integrate a weather stream into smart phone and tablet apps, websites, MFDs and chart plotters. They can choose to integrate only domestic data products or choose to include select data products, which feature global data.

The system is powered by customizable, high-resolution, auto-updating content and has been designed for quick and seamless integration into most applications and platforms by using common data formats including JSON and TMS. RESTful architecture ensures a familiar development environment.

The company asks for enquiries from manufacturers and developers interested in learning more about how to integrate Velocity Weather API into their products to contact them via

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