UK, London. Renowned English design studio Andrew Winch Designs is rapidly approaching its 30th anniversary, which will be celebrated next year. It is a significant milestone that marks an evolution of the brand and the unveiling of a new website today.

“We’ve been working on this for many months and it has been a collaborative process, with the entire team being consulted along the way,” explains founder of the studio, Andrew Winch. “We are keeping the trademark Winch in our logo but updating it, altering the name to Winch Design.”

Dropping Andrew from the studio name reflects the works of a studio that has grown from a studio comprising Andrew and his wife Jane operating out of their cottage in Barnes to a workforce of 65 focused on the superyacht, residential and aviation sectors. The announcement further highlights where the business is currently and plans for the next decade.

“We are also introducing a different livery for each department so that they can really build their own identity,” says Winch. “Sapphire blue is our corporate colour, a sky blue for aviation, aqua for yachts and stone for architecture. The logo will be in copper (I love this because of the heritage of copper within the yacht building industry). We have also created our own typeface.”

The rebrand also recognises the multidisciplinary approach of the London-based studio, which is committed to creating special lifestyle experiences, going beyond space and product design alone. While these developments are significant for the studio, business continues as normal with Andrew leading the company, supported by Jane and his management team.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary next year, a commitment has been made to support the studio’s ongoing charity of choice, The Blue Marine Foundation. A fundraising event that will see a bike ride from London to Monaco will take place next September with the aim of raising GBP500,000, with members of staff from Winch Design taking part.

Andrew Winch

“I am so proud of all that has been achieved over the last thirty years,” says Winch. “We have a meaningful heritage and an exciting future with a talented team, who each bring something unique to the business.

"I am passionate about design, about what we do and about making dreams come true for each and every one of our clients.  We now want to tell the story of how we work, the people involved and what makes us tick. I believe our new website, books and branding will do this perfectly.”


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