Now in its third year, SuperyachtDESIGN Week, held from 23 – 25 June, will host forward-thinking designers and industry experts to delve into the world of Living Architecture. In the first of the SuperyachtDESIGN Week 2015 speaker spotlights, The Superyacht Owner's sister publication, SuperyachtDesign, speaks to Arturo Vittori.

Co-founder and director of Architecture and Vision, Arturo’s projects have spanned aviation, marine and even aerospace sectors. Having studied architecture at the University of Florence, as well as yacht design with Francis Design, Vittori is also focussed on sustainable, eco-friendly work. A recent project, Warka Water, aims to end water shortages across the globe by utlising condensation to gather drinking water.

The theme of SuperyachtDESIGN Week is Living Architecture, what does this mean to you?
Arturo Vittori: Our planet Earth is the 'Living Architecture'. It is our home, it is our vessel thought the Universe.

SYD: What project have you found most challenging?
AV: Space projects are very challenging for all aspects; human, technological, environmental. Extreme environments such as Outer Space are very difficult for us, humans, to survive and live with no air, no water, no atmosphere and different gravity, extreme temperature etc.  As an Architect you have to learn how to make the best use of any possible resource. 

SYD: What is your design philosophy?
AV: Our designs aim to preserve and enhance our planet’s natural resources, its beauty and ecosystem for generations to come.

What or who inspires your designs?
AV: Nature is an endless source of inspiration but also ancient lost traditions, as well as the latest scientific discoveries.

SYD: You have experience working with marine, aviation and aerospace fields; what and how can these different sectors learn from one another?
AV: I believe in comprehensive thinking, in the exchange between cultures, and the transfer of know-how will drive us to explore better and more efficient solutions.

SYD: In addition to your work, what are you passionate about?
AV: I enjoy flying and building kites.

Arturo Vittori will be speaking on day 3 of SuperyachtDESIGN Week, 25 June 2015. Don’t miss his keynote session at the superyacht industry’s must-attend design event – register today!

Thank you to SuperyachtDESIGN Week sponsors. Gold level: Awlgrip and Blohm+Voss. Silver level: Clyde & Co. Bronze level: Heirlooms, RINA and SA Baxter.

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