Alexseal Yacht Coatings has launched a new primer, the Fast Spot Primer 414. The acrylic/epoxy-based, quick-drying spot primer is said to offer some of the fastest dry-to-sand characteristics on the marine market. Chemists at Alexseal have combined the fast drying properties of an acrylic polymer and the durable marine-friendly characteristics of epoxy to create the product.
Fast Spot Primer 414 is designed to spot prime a surface to seal exposed underlying primers and substrates where breakthrough areas have occurred during the final sanding process, prior to applying topcoat. It has a drying time of one hour allowing for repair jobs to proceed more quickly, while reducing application and wait times.
Requiring no accelerator additives, Alexseal Fast Spot Primer 414 is approved for use on a variety of marine substrates including many plastics such as PVC and acrylic. It is intended for use above the waterline only, and is not suitable for unprimed metal.

The Fast Spot Primer 414 is designed for spray applications and available in quart containers in a light sand color. The mixture when applying is one part base to one part converter by volume and the material may be reduced up to 25% depending upon the application and the environmental conditions.
When applying Fast Spot Primer 414 to a metal surface users must first apply one of Alexseal’s Protective Primers to provide the best corrosion resistance possible.

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