Superyacht communications provider, Airship has launched the Unlimited International Roaming Data SIM - with exclusive rights to the product - for the superyacht industry.

The SIM is fitted into data devices including ipads, mobile data devices and android tablets and offers complete coverage and unlimited downloads in over 70 countries at a fixed cost. As well as cost savings, its advantages include time saving, with no need to switch between SIMs when traveling between countries, and as an alternative to satellite communications when interruptions can require backup devices.

“As a truly global industry, frequent travel for superyachts and professionals is inevitable and one of the biggest challenges this often presents is limited broadband connectivity and high usage charges,” said Alan Bernardi, Airship’s director.

“The Unlimited International Roaming Data SIM eliminates these issues and provides an affordable solution for yachts and professionals who rely on constant data connection around the globe.”

The Roaming Data SIM allows unlimited data on the move

Bernardi said it had taken time to find a communications provider to give Airship the roaming SIM, one of the explanations why such an apparently obvious solution for the industry’s needs has not yet been met. The company’s subsequent victory in being the only communications company with the global roaming SIM on offer and holding its exclusive rights gives it competitive pricing he said:

“The first yacht [we tried the SIM on] did 11 gig in 24 hours. There’s no one that provides an 11 gig package in Europe to yachts. The Airship SIM gives a fixed price and unlimited downloads. I believe it’s great for yachts and also people in industry traveling about.”

The Unlimited International Roaming Data SIM has been extensively tested throughout the US, Asia and Europe. Browsing speeds allow for all major operating features including internet browsing, Skype, exchange email and large file transfer.

Airship is the only superyacht communications company with the global roaming SIM on offer and holds the exclusive rights to the product within the superyacht industry.

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