One of the wonderful elements of the superyacht industry is the infinite number of weird and wonderful products that are installed on board on the way to completing the finished product. The developers of these products are some of the finest innovators around, and the cost of acquiring them usually reflects that fact! And for that reason the ‘Products’ category remains a rich source of cutting edge technology and ingenuity.

Having said that, the most popular product of 2013 was a fairly straightforward piece of kit. The Blob is an inflatable tube that can be made to any size and, when filled with air, becomes a giant target from which guests can launch themselves over 10m in the air. As this video shows, it was the superyacht toy of the year.

It was business as usual in the highly competitive world of Sat Comms. Cobham, Imtech, NSSL Global and OmniAccess all announced developments and enhancements that ensure almost total global coverage, with almost no stone unturned in order to avoid bandwidth dropouts. On board connectivity has become one of the industry’s most pertinent topics and the provision of unrivalled coverage remains a fierce battleground.

There was also competition in the area of yacht monitoring and interactive infotainment software, with Oculus Technologies and Team Italia announcing revisions and improvements to their respective YachtEye and iChart products.

YachtEye Hot Spots.

One company that has seized on an emerging trend is Triton Submarines. Fresh from a high profile record-breaking depth dive, the company unveiled plans for a new generation of superyacht submersibles, which will be able to accommodate up to eight passengers. With a new generation of superyacht expeditionaries waiting in the wings, this appears a savvy move.

Triton Submarines have reached new depths.. in every sense!

Conidia Bioscience took the fight to diesel bug, the bacterial contaminations that decompose engines, with its FUELSTAT® resinae PLUS testing kit. The on-site test can be administered by anyone and can identify the problem in its early stages, circumventing a cripplingly expensive problem.

And to close on a light-hearted note, Superyacht Tenders and Toys’ inflatable island became a minor sensation in April. The floating island includes two ice chests, underwater lighting and a ‘sea pool’.

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