UK, London. Following last year’s successful Artisan and Creative Showcases at SuperyachtDESIGN Week, 1066 Pianos will be displaying its work as an Artisan and Creative Showcase at SuperyachtDESIGN Week 2014. This will be the second year in succession that 1066 Pianos will be involved in the event, and the company says it's looking forward to this year’s developments.

1066 Pianos is a family business established in 1975 that has been a trusted supplier of the world’s finest pianos for more than three generations. What can the company offer the superyacht market?

 According to a spokesperson, 'Exceptional technical expertise and knowledge; 
able to produce exactly what your client wants; bespoke handcrafted production to suit any design; unique specification with carbon fibre parts; 
‘Invisible’ Self Playing Systems; 
The Sygnet – a inspirational small grand piano that will fit anywhere.

Gold sponsors, Silver sponsors, Bronze sponsors and further Artisan & Creative Showcases will join them in their support over the coming weeks. Make sure you show your support along with one of the industry’s most renowned brands. Sign up now by calling Suzie Hine on +44 (0) 207 801 1014.
For information on partnership and showcase opportunities, please click here. Alternatively, to speak to someone directly about this valuable investment, please contact Roland Archdall, Commercial Director on +44 (0) 207 801 1016.