Good training and recruitment are integral to the smooth running of any yacht. But how many of you really have your training paid for? And how many of you would choose the same training company and recruitment company as the one favoured by the yacht and its manager? In issue 77 of The Crew Report, hitting the seas at the end of this week, we bring you the third and final set of analysis from our Superyacht Golden Ticket crew survey, and take a look at your and your yacht’s go-to companies for training and recruitment.

Where do you want to do your training? And is it at the same place where the yacht sends you? It turns out that regardless of whether it’s your choice or the yacht’s choice, there are three schools that, in no particular order, make the top three in each scenario: Maritime Professional Training (MPT), Warsash Superyacht Academy and Bluewater.

And once you’ve got the certificate, who do you want to get you the job? Your top three recruitment agencies, in no particular order, are YPI Crew, Bluewater and The Crew Network.

In issue 77, we’ll reveal which other training schools and recruitment agencies did well with the 1,000-plus superyacht crew who took the survey, and which are the favourites based on department and seniority on board.  

*Crew were given a choice of 10 training schools and recruitment agencies respectively, based on previous research, and were also given the choice ‘other’. Find the full results in issue 77 - download now.


Profile links

Maritime Professional Training Inc (MPT)

Warsash Superyacht Academy

Blue Water Yachting

YPI Crew

The Crew Network

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