It’s that time of year – the salary survey time of year. It’s always a bit dangerous putting salary figures out there; some crew will see what they want, request a pay rise or not get one and jump ship. But it’s absolutely imperative to remember that salary is just one part of an employment package. All these salaries will come in different packages pertaining to rotation, training, holidays, charter and private yachts – the list goes on. A salary is just one part of a crewmember’s employment – please remember this.

Having said that, our Superyacht Golden Ticket survey has shown some interesting results that we delve into in issue 76 of The Crew Report. For example, a charter crewmember’s annual salary will increase by 13.8 per cent to over just €95,000 once we add on the gratuities they can expect to receive over a season; 46 per cent of you put your salary into a personal pension or retirement savings scheme; and more Americans earn above the industry average for their respective on-board positions than any other nationality.

It’s this last fact that we’re going to take a look at in the below table. Over the years the topic of nationality has always caused heated debated, with crewmembers often bringing the recruitment sector into the discussion. We thought it might be interesting to look at what different crewmembers get paid based on their nationality, and here’s what we found when it comes to captains.

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The full salary results, broken down by every on-board position and nationality, will be included in Issue 76 – pick up a copy at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and the Global Superyacht Forum.

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