Crew training provider UKSA has announced the re-launch of its superyacht cadetship programme. The Crew Report sat down with Emma Baggett, UKSA industry and cadetship manager, and David Squire, UKSA maritime training ambassador, to find out why and how.

The re-launch is taking with a more evident towards superyachts, and is being renamed the Professional Yacht Bursary Scheme (PYBS). The PYBS, with UKSA, Seafarers UK and Trinity House, will be offering varying levels of membership, including the chance to become part of the PYBS’s new steering groups.

For UKSA, this drive towards membership hopes to tackle the problem of funding, something that has always been difficult to obtain. One recent example, Baggett says, is when 30 candidates for the cadetship turned up at UKSA’s door, but 28 had to be turned away due to lack of funding.

Yachting cadets at Trinity House

As the crew industry has grown, UKSA has felt the need to raise awareness of the level of professionalism need in the superyacht industry, and with this comes the desire from crew for longevity, and the understanding of its benefits. “The value of long-term careers is really important.”

"We’re a great believer in not just the training, but the personal mentoring."

One area Baggett hopes to focus on with the re-launch of the PYBS is on-board mentoring. “For us, it’s massively important. We’re a great believer in not just the training, but the personal mentoring,” she tells The Crew Report.

Training is, of course, the primary focus of the PYBS. “Training should no longer be seen as a cost. It’s important,” explains Baggett. “We’ve got to make sure the route to the top of the superyacht sector is correct.”

UKSA will be hosting an event at Trinity House in Spring 2015 to officially re-launch the PYBS.

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