A new co-operative of training facilities, service providers and maritime consultancy management has been launched. Azimuth Nautical Solutions offers a comprehensive range of services,such as consultancy projects (including vessel audits, project management or ISM safety management systems), training and cadetship programmes.

The partnership between Azimuth Nautical Solutions and well-known superyacht training companies such as Chiltern Maritime, Viking Recruitment and Maritime Skills Academy, hopes to better serve those in the superyacht industry.

Speaking to SuperyachtNews, Andrew Hair, director of Azimuth Nautical Solutions, explains that the collaborations between all the organisations is a result of clients and industry professionals needing a one-stop-shop for all their requirements. “It’s a question of how we work together, so when a customer has diverse requests, they can come to one place and hopefully we can – with our partners – service the lot.” For example, if a client comes to Azimuth Nautical Solutions in need of a consultancy project, but also wants to explore crew training, Azimuth would refer them to one of their partner organisations.

The new partnership ensures that there is a high-level of service provided to those who approach the organisation. Hair argues that those companies under the umbrella of the partnership indicates the credibility of the organisations, stressing that only the best training and service partners have been chosen to be aligned with Azimuth Nautical Solutions. “It comes down to having confidence in your partners and the quality of their provisions that they can deliver to the standard, especially in the superyacht market. We’ve worked with our partners for many years.”

In a statement to the press, Matthew Jaenicke, managing director of Dover-based Viking Recruitment and its Maritime Skills Academy, commented on the new initiative: “Training and ongoing development of professionals in our industry has never been as important as it is today and we are at the forefront of this globally. I am personally very excited about this new partnership initiative and I look forward to realising the expected benefits and outcomes for our customers.”

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