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What makes the perfect crewmember? Experience? Attitude? Qualifications? Or is it even appearance?

In ‘The crew mess’ in issue 68 of The Crew Report, Martin H. Redmayne questions whether we need to re-evaluate expectations of the perfect crewmember, to better understand what the industry wants versus what the industry is actually getting. Redmayne suggests:

“Perhaps the time has come to look at crewmembers as staff who are asked to work hard, similarly to hotel staff or house staff, rather than good-looking model types who have bright white dazzling smiles and tight, taut shorts and skorts. Never afraid of seriously hard work and willing to work at any time of day in any conditions has to be one of the key requirements of the perfect crewmember; looking good at the same time is a bonus for guests. I’m sure every crewmember is chosen on merit before appearance, however it would be good if we could generate a few key criteria related to the job specification in order to make sure the candidates sign up to the graft and craft of being a serious seaman first and a visual stimuli second. And having listened to a raft of comments about salaries getting out of control, perhaps the next requirement is realistic expectations.”

So, with these questions in mind, we’ve created a short survey right here on TheCrewReport.com where you can anonymously submit your criteria for the perfect crewmember – whether you’re a captain or a deckhand. And with this information, we can better evaluate what the crew industry is asking for versus what it is actually getting.

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