Credit: Cyrill Badwannepirat Sipka

The Crew Coach has launched its Superyacht Scholarship, a competition and programme aimed to ease the financial burden to green crew entering this industry.

Four entrants will win a scholarship package, tailored to four on-board departments (interior, deck, galley and engine room) worth nearly €3,000 and includes training courses tailored to the specific department, accommodation, CV advice and focused help from crew agencies. Click here for a full list of the prizes for the respective scholarships.

One of the four will win an extra jackpot of prizes worth €7,000 (full list here) and includes a €1,500 contribution to a return flight from their home country.

“Not everyone can afford the high cost of entry into this life-changing career and we want to make it possible for those who might not otherwise be able to afford it,” explains Alison Rentoul, The Crew Coach.

Entrants need to fill out an online form answering a few questions about their career ambitions on the Superyacht Scholarship website.

Entries will open on 1 January, 2016 (via this link - don't worry, we'll remind you on the date it opens) and close at the end of February 2016, with the winners being announced on a live webinar in March 2016, during which a number of other prizes will be awarded and announced.


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