Next week is Seafarers Awareness Week, an annual Seafarers UK campaign to support and raise awareness of Britain’s dependence on seafarers. From 20–26 June, 2016, UK maritime job opportunities, both at sea and ashore, will be promoted, as well as raising awareness of the maritime industry and its workers among young children.

The superyacht industry is little known to those outside it, and therefore the UK superyacht industry has a unique opportunity next week to not only raise awareness of the role of those working in the UK maritime sector, both also of those UK crewmembers specifically working on board superyachts, or crewmembers of other nationalities working on board UK-flagged superyachts. Little is done to promote the superyacht sector to those outside it, and this is where we can all play a part.

If you are a UK superyacht crewmember, or a crewmember working on a UK-flagged superyacht, we want to hear from you. Simply email or comment below, and tell us what you do in the superyacht industry and why it’s a job worth recognising. We will then share these stories, hoping to promote the superyacht industry as a viable career option for young people in the UK, interested in a career in the maritime industry.

We look forward to sharing your stories!

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