Fort Lauderdale-based Quantum Marine Engineering, known in the superyacht industry for its production of hydraulic equipment, will be joining the training area in 2015.

From 23 to 25 March, 2015, Quantum Marine Engineering will be offering its first three-day course for superyacht captains and engineers, offering crewmembers working with Quantum Marine Engineering products on board equipment-specific training. The first day will be dedicated largely to captains and the general operation of the vessel regarding its hydraulic equipment, the second day will be aimed at engineers and the equipment in the engine room and the third day will look closely at maintenance of specific equipment. At the conclusion of the course, crewmembers will be presented with a certificate from Quantum Marine Engineering.

Quantum Marine Engineer's equipment in the crewmembers' training classroom

This latest course tackles, at least from an engineering point of view, the problem of lack of vessel- and equipment-specific training in the superyacht industry.

On the final day of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS), The Crew Report was given a tour of the Quantum Marine Engineering premises and training facilities, and got a chance to visit the workshop where the company’s products are manufactured.

Gwen Benoit, training manager, teaches a course

Gwen Benoit, training manager at Quantum Marine Engineering, explained to The Crew Report that the course will contain both theoretical and practical elements, and highlighted the importance of getting the crewmembers involved on a practical level. Just one of the practical elements of the course see Benoit putting a number of bugs in the electronic systems, whereby the crewmembers will have to discern the bugs and fix them. The training facilities also include workshop benches, offering the crewmembers more chances to tackle the training hands on.

The first course will take place from 23 - 30 March at Quantum Marine Engineer’s offices in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Quantum Marine Engineering's training classroom