Our mission statement at The Crew Report is simple: provide informative and educational content, through candid journalism, to the superyacht industry’s professional crew and all those involved with the crew industry. We work hard to achieve this and feedback from captains, chief engineers, chief stewardesses and industry key players makes us confident that we’re achieving our goal. But as we find ourselves at the start of show season, now is the perfect time to reassess and reevaluate the content with which we are providing you.

The superyacht industry is ever evolving, and we know that during show season our editorial team will be presented with a wealth of issues and topics, the discussion of which will be pertinent to the forward-movement of the crew sector. The industry has come a long way over recent years (the words GUEST and MLC spring to mind), but we know there is more that needs to change.

That’s why we are asking you, today’s professional superyacht crew, to get in touch and become part of our Crew News Network: an editorial think-tank where you’ll engage in candid discussion with our journalists on the topics we need to cover to continue educating crew. You can write for us or you can be very much behind the scenes; you can shout your name from the rooftops or keep yourself completely anonymous. You can come into the office for a chat, sit down with us during the boat shows, give us a call or send us an email. All we want is your honest opinions on the industry and how we can work together to drive it forward.

Over the next 12 months, The Crew Report will be hosting regional breakfasts and brunches with these valued members of the Crew News Network, in various yachting hotspots around the globe, which will allow us to engage in candid discussion and debate, helping us continue to meet our mission statement.

And it all starts now, at the Monaco Yacht Show. I’ll be attending the show and will be thrilled to hear from and meet with anyone interested in becoming part of The Crew Report’s Crew News Network. If you’d like to meet with me during the show, or would simply like further information, send me an email at lulu@thesuperyachtgroup.com or give me a call while I’m at the show on +44 (0)7595 062850. I look forward to meeting you.

Don’t forget to come to The Crew Report’s breakfast event with SuperyachtJobs.com on Saturday 27th September at the Virage Restaurant. For more information please click here.

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