Despite the career path created for interior crew by the Professional Yachting Association’s (PYA) Guidelines for Unified Excellence in Service Training (GUEST), the lack of an obvious career path for the interior department can still cause a few problems for those working in the interior.

One of these problems is purchasing – something surrounding which there is little guidance (arguably, the closest education available to interior crew is The Crew Academy’s purser course) and chief stews often find themselves overwhelmed when they meet these situations for the first time, having had no prior experience of purchasing items for their owner’s yacht, with all sorts of questions and no answers.

The Crew Report is working with interior solutions provider Fiona’s Atelier, to offer interior crew the chance to ask all those questions they may have, whether it be about cost, advice on owner interaction, shipping times – anything at all. We will put as many questions as possible to Fiona’s Atelier, who will provide detailed answers in an upcoming issue of The Crew Report.

Whether you want to know the brand of glassware that holds up best while at sea or how to approach an owner when they’ve asked you to get a new set of crockery but haven’t given you a budget, we’ll do our best to get those questions answered so you don’t feel so overwhelmed next time you find yourself purchasing interior items.

Just email your questions to editor Lulu Trask at with subject line ‘Interior questions’, and we’ll get you an answer.

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