How can better-trained crew improve an owners’ experiences? And how can we get there? This is what we will be asking in the case study entitled ‘Crew Aspirin V Owner Headache’, headed up by the Professional Yachting Association's (PYA) Joey Meen, Bluewater's John Wyborn, Warsash Superyacht Academy's Lars Lippuner and the Maritime Skills Alliance (MSA) Bill Walworth and Iain Mackinnon, on Monday 16 November, the first day of the Global Superyacht Forum.

As crew, you’re the ones who have the answer to this question. You know what is feasible, what is realistic and you’re in touch with the results of crew training on a daily and tangible basis.

This is the one event in the calendar that really has the potential to change the landscape of the superyacht industry. It’s the one event where superyacht crew and CEOs of every sector of the superyacht industry get the chance to really get their teeth into those topics we’re talking (and often complaining) about on a daily basis.

This is your chance, as senior crew, to have your say and, hopefully, make a change.

Do interior crew need to do more to achieve that seamless service experience? Do deck crew need to work better with owners and guests during watersports activities? Do the engineers need to work better with the other crew to sort out any potential problems faster? Does does it come from the top; is it down to those captains at the helm to be in touch with what training their crew will benefit from? Or do those captains themselves need some additional training, outside of just the refresher training we’ll see as of 1 January, 2017?

I’ll be there, flying the crew flag, so send me any topics you think need to be raised to answer how better-trained crew can improve owners’ experiences and what we need to do to make that happen:


I’ll be tweeting live from the workshop from @TheCrewReport, so don’t miss it: Monday 16 November, 15:00 – 16:30 (GMT+1)

Or, of course, you can come along. Click here to register.


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