The Royal Merchant Navy Education Foundation (RMNEF) is reaching out to the superyacht industry to ensure its members are aware of the educational support it can provide the children of those at sea.

In short, the RMNEF provides the money to help an eligible child whose parents don’t have the money to provide whatever education is needed. However, this support can go as far as finances for medical support or, quite simply, advice.

The superyacht industry is not one known for its members lacking money, with the pay cheques for even junior crew seemingly rising on a daily basis. However, the industry can be volatile when it comes to suddenly finding yourself without a job, and this is where the RMNEF is hoping to offer its support.

"I suspect superyacht crew are no different from the rest of us who perhaps don’t make the necessary provisions for when things go wrong."
- Charles Heron-Watson, CEO, Royal Merchant Navy Education Foundation

“We had a superyacht captain whose son was a beneficiary. The superyacht the captain was on was sold and the new owner sacked the old crew and brought a new crew on board. As a result, and I suspect this is not uncommon in the superyacht industry, the captain had not really made provisions for loss of a job,” explains Charles Heron-Watson, CEO of the RMNEF. “He had quite a lot of bricks and mortar as his capital, but he didn’t have any cash, and I suspect superyacht crew are no different from the rest of us who perhaps don’t make the necessary provisions for when things go wrong. So we funded his son at school for a while, until he got himself on his feet.”

Of course, the necessary checks take place. The foundation will most likely ask to see proof of sea service as well as financial accounts.

The RMNEF is asking crew whose children need support – children from daycare age until they’re in a career in their mid 20s – to get in touch so they can discuss the options available. The foundation is also asking crew to come forward if they know of anyone else who could benefit, as those struggling are not always keen to admit it.

If you would like more information you can visit the RMNEF website here.

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