The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), in partnership with the Professional Yachting Association (PYA), is inviting the top engineers of the superyacht industry to form a voluntary expert working group. This is an initiative proudly supported by The Superyacht Group and The Crew Report, as well as the International Superyacht Society, Warsash Superyacht Academy, Bluewater, the International Association of Maritime Institutions and Seafarers International Research Centre.

Specifically, this call is for three types of expert engineers, all whom must be currently serving at sea, or on new-build standby, with a minimum of eight years’ experience: chief engineers, electro-technical engineers (ETOs – experience can include relevant shore-side experience; and AVIT engineers (experience can include relevant shore-side experience).

Each working group will work as a team on virtual platform MyCommunity (click here to view the online group) and will offer their expert seafaring opinion, supporting industry partners and working towards raising the standards of engineering at sea.

As the groups will work together via the MyCommunity online platform, no physical attendance is necessary. The IET has pointed out that for these engineers to be recognised by the industry’s most influential organisations as being at the very top of their profession is an unparalleled level of endorsement, and may even propel some members to the next level of their career.

If you fulfill the above criteria and are interested in volunteering, please send your CV to