UK, Sarisbury Green. Ken Freivokh Design has revealed a new side passarelle concept that connects the internal multi-storey atrium on a motoryacht with a jetty alongside, offering an owner and guests a stable and stylish entry.

“Access to most yacht atriums are a protracted affair,” explains founder and director, Ken Freivokh. “More often than not, it is necessary to reach the heart of the yacht using a narrow passarelle, usually leading to the aft deck or narrow side corridors.”

Freivokh goes on to describe the drawbridge as being a mix between the practical access provided on an airliner or private jet, and the entrance to a moated manor house. The design features a long window on the atrium that slides up, allowing a section of the atrium to hinge down. Fitted with self-leveling stairs, the drawbridge provides a unique, stable and sophisticated point of entry to a yacht.

Watch the animation of the drawbridge in action in our Video library.

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