The much talked about Yacht Captains Association (YCA) has formally announced it will launch in 2014. This news comes as Captains Michael Schueler and Ian Bone announced the non-profit corporation, based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has entered into a partnership with Ziebart Consulting, LLC, which will provide management services to aid the formation and launch of the YCA.

The partnership will see Ziebart Consulting, co-owned by Geoff and Lori Ziebart, finalise the YCA's governance structure as well as manage its print and digital branding initiatives, oversee budget and planning, establish its member benefits coordinate educational programming and launch its membership campaign.

The news brings about an important next stage for the not-for-profit YCA. "Geoff and Lori's impeccable track record providing management consulting services for association and major corporations is a perfect strategic fit for the next stage in the formation of the YCA," explained Captain Schueler.

"For nearly a year, Captains Bone and Schueler diligently have explored with captains and industry leaders the need for and prospects of an association solely dedicated to professional yacht captains. The response to their discussions has been universally positive and we are proud to partner in the launch and management of this exciting initiative," said Geoff Ziebart.

"We have always maintained that we seek to form this organisation with the input of yacht captains as well as other sectors of the yachting industry," added Captain Bone. "Our position of a measured approach too its formation has not altered and we will work carefully and diligently with Geoff and Lori to advance our vision."

Worldwide membership recruitment for the YCA will begin in the coming weeks. Founding members already include Captains Bone and Schueler, Wendy Ulma, Chris Lewis and Mike French.