Italian-headquartered classification company, RINA Services and the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RS) have announced a collaborative partnership. What RINA Group’s CEO has termed a ‘long term co-operation’ will see RINA harness Russian expertise in ice class classification and RS acquire knowledge of yacht and passenger vessel classification for registration under the Russian flag.

“I welcome this step in what I believe will strengthen the long-term co-operation between our companies. Co-operating in specific areas where we each have particular expertise will help us build a platform for win-win situations in the marine, as well as other sectors,” said RINA Group’s CEO, Ugo Salerno.

RINA will first use its expertise with yachts, pleasure craft and passenger vessels to help the increasingly competitive classifier, RS approve projects for yachts and passenger vessels to operate in Russian waters or under the Russian flag. RS will help RINA meet the needs of its clients for Arctic navigation and offshore operations, especially with respect to ice class and 'winterisation'.

“RS has good knowledge of vessels sailing in Arctic waters - it knows exactly which standards and technical solutions should be adopted under a well proven Polar Class notation. So this agreement puts together two strong points of RINA Services and RR, Yacht Rules and Polar Class, in a complementary collaboration to answer the needs of our customers,” said Fiorenzo Spadoni, Business development manager at RINA.

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping is a leader in ice-class vessel classification

RS is a leader in the classification of Arctic and ice-proof vessels including ships, high-speed craft and manned submersibles in excess of 70m. It recently introduced new category rules in advance of increasingly hazardous conditions in the Arctic.
“The development of Arctic deposits will require a large number of icebreakers and ice class ships to be built,” Mikhail Grigoriyevich Ayvazov, RS chief executive officer,  commented at the launch of Icebreaker6 and Icebreaker7, the new category rules for vessels engaged in icebreaking operations, but not having ‘icebreaker’ assigned as their main purpose.  The categories border the pleasure vessel sphere and show how the Russian classifier is seeking to be more competitive in areas other than ice-breakers, as well as demonstrating its leading know-how on the subject, which will be of use to RINA.

48m Hanse Explorer in Antarctica

"RS is pleased to pursue the development of bilateral cooperation with RINA on issues that give us very good opportunities for common advancement ahead,"  said Mikhail Ayvazov, CEO, Russian Register.

“Both RS and RINA are rather comparable in size and have complementary expertise in areas at hand. This approach, based on the principles of fair and equitable cooperation, opens very good perspectives for our companies to raise the level of our expertise in new and promising areas.”

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