Launched in September 2012, Warsash Superyacht Academy is continuing to cement itself in the superyacht sector with an increasing number of business service partnerships being announced. When the Academy launched just over a year ago, Burgess, Viking Recruitment, Regs4Yachts, Interior Yacht Services (IYS), YachtsXL and wilsonhalligan were the first partners and since then a further eight partnerships have been announced, with crew recruitment agency Elite Crew International the latest, announcing the new partnership earlier this month.

Speaking exclusively to, Lars Lippuner, business development manager at Warsash Superyacht Academy, explained: "It's all about working with and for the industry. It gives us a lot of feedback from other aspects of the industry, which is important for us to keep everything relevant."

Lars Lippuner, business development manager at Warsash Superyacht Academy. Credit: Warsash Superyacht Academy

An additional success of the partnerships is the mutual support that serves to benefit the wider industry, explained Lippuner. "Some of them are training partners, so that's all about working with the best and knowing about your own key strengths. We strongly believe that you need to know what your core competencies are. To give you an example, we obviously are very strong in deck and engineering but we wouldn't dream of all of a sudden setting up our own interior training because it's just not what Warsash is built to do. But then we partnered up with International Yacht Services who we think is fantastic at doing it and hence getting a more comprehensive course portfolio.It's the same in terms of on-board training. We haven't always got the capacity to do all the on-board training and that's one area that works particularly well with Medaire who are obviously very strong in medical on-board training."

Warsash Superyacht Academy expects the partnerships to continue to grow, with Lippuner concluding that a few additional partnerships are in the pipeline already.

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