Recently established yacht transporter, United Yacht Transport (UYT) has announced a contract for the construction of semi-submersible transportation vessel.

In a bold move for a fledgling operation, UYT claims the vessel will be the largest of its kind. At 229mx46m, its yacht cargo capacity will equal 40,000DWT. The company has attributed its ability to build such a behemoth to downward pressure on the cost of bulk vessels.

“We are committed to meeting the demand from our large-yacht clients. It is this commitment that has led to the decision for further investment into the industry”, said UYT’s COO, Paul Haber. “We believe this investment will ensure the large-yacht community a safe, reliable means of transportation.” contacted Haber to discuss this seemingly rapid expansion of the company’s ambitions. However he said that, at this early stage in the company’s history he was reluctant to divulge too much beyond what the company was issuing itself. “We are currently not conducting interviews of this nature”, Haber explained. “I’d like to control the message that’s going out and we issue our own news releases for things that we want to transmit to the public.”

Haber added that he would be announcing further developments in due course.

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