Egesu Marina, the group responsible for the creation of Port Iasos Marina in 2013, is close to completing the construction of its second marina in three years. Güllük Marina, in Bodrum, is due for completion towards the end of 2015. spoke exclusively to Ziver Akman, head of sales and customer support, about what the new development has to offer visiting superyachts.

“In Güllük we are really close to Bodrum International Airport”, he explained, of one its primary benefits. “For superyacht owners it is an advantage because it only requires 10 to 15 minutes to get from the airport and be on deck”, he added. “This is really suitable [because] time is money”.

The convenience of the airport is certainly a selling point. Rather than booking and embarking on time consuming and lengthy transfers, be it by car or helicopter, owners will have a short journey from A to B.

Port Iasos Marina

Güllük also has easy access to a number of other attractive areas. The island of Kos and popular bays around the Bodrum peninsula are an exceedingly short distance away and “It is also possible to be in the Greek islands in a short period of time,” Akram explained.

Turkey is increasingly recognised as a viable alternative to the crowded Western Med, and even recent ISIS activity on the Middle Eastern border, hindering superyacht traffic, has not entirely halted the progress of the Turquoise Riviera.

Attracted by the quieter waters, marinas and destinations in Turkey, owners continue to visit and the infrastructure continues to evolve as a result. The new Güllük Marina will be another feather in the increasingly impressive cap of the Turquoise Riviera’s superyachting infrastructure. There will be berthing for superyachts up to 65m when it opens at the end of the year. However Akram asserted that this will be subject to change as the marina continues to expand in years to come.

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