It is one of the superyacht industry’s most common utterances – ‘how do we adequately manage owners’ expectations?’ Whichever sector you work in, everyone is in agreement that the end user is the lifeblood of the industry, and ensuring that they continue to enjoy the product and understanding what their interpretation of this industry is, are both essential elements for ensuring its continued success.

As ever, The Superyacht Group wants to gain an insight into the opinions of the most important section of the industry – superyacht owners. And in line with this, we are inviting any owners reading this article to respond to a series of questions, which will, we believe, help to paint a clearer landscape of the industry’s current state and its future trajectory.

The most important insight we can deliver to our industry is how current owners get into our marketplace: the triggers, the catalysts and the routes to market. 

Obviously no two owners are the same and each route is likely to be very different.

However, we feel that, by trying to gather some intelligence and anecdotes about how you came into the superyacht market and where your ownership route has progressed or ended, we may be able to create a matrix and analysis of the drivers and routes, coupled with timings and triggers. 

Therefore, we would be hugely appreciative if you could spend five minutes answering the following questions. All answers will be anonymous and used as part of a generic intelligence report.

1.    At what age did you first start yachting?
2.    What was the size of your first ever yacht?
3.    How many yachts have you owned since that starting point?
4.    What was the catalyst and driver to move into the superyacht (30m-plus) segment?
5.    Who did you take advice from in order to move up the ownership ladder?
6.    Was the advice useful and valuable?
7.    How did you personally research the market to find what you were looking for?
8.    Have you ever chartered bigger yachts to gain further experience of the next size of yachts?
9.    Have you ever recommended ownership to colleagues and friends?
10.  Have you ever considered selling your yacht and leaving the world of ownership? If yes, Why?

NB: Please feel free to make any further comments on how you feel the industry can better understand how to attract and educate brand-new and potential owners.

We would appreciate hearing back from you at your earliest convenience. Again, all answers will be treated confidentially and any data used will be part of an amalgamated piece of research and all comments or answers will remain anonymous.

Thank you, and with kind regards,


Martin H. Redmayne
Chairman and Editor in Chief
The Superyacht Group 

All responses should be submitted to

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