The Superyacht Annual Report: New Build is out now, and the 2017 edition of this seminal new build market report represents the most comprehensive analysis of the market to date.

Over the years, it has become apparent that when the superyacht industry relies too heavily on the order book for its appraisal of the state of the market, inaccuracies emerge and the forecast becomes distorted by mothballed projects that are packaged as ‘new orders’ and projects that never come to fruition.

The industry relies upon this report for an honest evaluation of the market’s health, and because of this we have opted to focus our analysis on confirmed new build activity, namely deliveries and new orders placed in 2016. By focusing on this activity, we are able to give a far more accurate picture of the market’s trajectory than we could if basing analysis on future order book projections from shipyards keen to appear as active as possible.

In the report itself, we have highlighted the discrepancies between projected deliveries and actual deliveries to underline how forecasting order book projections invariably fails to stand up to rigorous analysis.

This year, the global order book is, instead, available online to subscribers at The advantage of this is that anyone viewing the order book can be assured that it is accurate to that very day, whereas order books in print are invariably outdated before they are even published.

There have been a number of amendments and improvements evident in this year’s report, both in its methodology and its presentation.

Having reviewed previous analyses, for example, we took the decision to strictly enforce The Superyacht Group’s 30m entrance criterion for vessels. This means delivery numbers may differ slightly to previous years, but it also affirms that this is the most accurate overview of the superyacht market available.

Unlike other new build reports, we are committed to ‘dynamic analysis’ of the market, rather than the presentation of inert numbers devoid of context. That’s why all of our market analysis is comparative, and is segmented by yard performance, geographical market share, and sectors within the new build market (30-45m M/Y, broadly encompassing production and semi-custom activity; 45m+ M/Y, predominantly focused on more complex and customised projects; and sailing yachts).

The inaugural yard ranking system, introduced in the 2016 report, has been updated, to show how yards have adjusted to evolving market conditions. Again, it is based on historical performance, up to and including 2016, and is therefore irrefutable in its assessment of yard performance.

We have overhauled both the graphical presentation and written analysis of data to produce what we believe to be the most insightful new build market report in circulation.

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